How Covid-19 Affected Daily Life Routine?

Coronavirus Disease 2019 – COVID- 19

Since the first case came to light in Wuhan province of China, the coronavirus spread like wildfire. In December 2019, the virus was only limited to China, and only a handful of people were affected by it. Compare that to now, when almost every country in the world is experiencing some level of infection. The virus started in the easter part of the world, but it is in the west where it wreaked havoc. While the world has more than 14.7 million cases of COVID-19, the United States has about 3.8 million cases by far the worst-hit nation.

What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 is the resulting condition when a person gets infected with the novel coronavirus. This virus is a new strain of the coronavirus family responsible for causing illnesses like Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), the common cold, and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS).

Ever since the outbreak occurred in China, the virus is rapidly spreading throughout the world. After witnessing the devastating effects of COVID-19, the World Health Organization (WHO), in March 2020, declared it a pandemic.

How Has COVID-19 Affected Daily Life Routine?

The outbreak of this pandemic has changed how we go about our daily life. The fact that this virus spreads so fast, and there is no vaccine to protect against it compels us to make drastic changes in our daily routine. Things like wearing a mask, keeping 6 feet of distance from people, and not going out much have become part of our daily lives.

This situation makes personal hygiene the number one priority for us, and things we didn’t give much thought before, such as hand washing, is now one of the most critical activities in our life. Not only the hygiene COVID-19 also changed how we meet and greet people. Handshakes have become a thing of the past. We rarely meet anyone in person, and video calling is becoming the new normal. Before March 2020, doing all the work from the comfort of your home was only a dream. But, COVID-19 turned that sweet dream into bitter reality. 

Hanging out with friends, watching the primer of a blockbuster movie, eating at a restaurant, are all seemed to be the memories of some distant past. The situation with lockdown has disrupted our way of life. The things we used to do, such as going out shopping, walking our pets, now seem like some adventure, where we have to follow all these rules. A simple trip to the grocery store feels like a quest. We have to wear a mask, keep away from other people, and sanitize our hands after touching stuff. 

This pandemic forced us to see the world from a completely different perspective—a world where one person’s action can have such drastic effects on others. If one infected person didn’t wear a mask, he or she might spread it to an entire community.

Major Problems That The US Is Facing During COVID-19 Pandemic

While COVID-19 affects all people, the impact of this crisis differs from one group of people to another. Some may be more vulnerable to the health effects of the problem, while others might fear the economic repercussions of this situation. Small businesses and those living paycheck to paycheck are the ones hit hardest by this pandemic.

Challenges to businesses

Taking action and moving forward

A crisis of this magnitude requires quick action in the face of uncertainty. With so much at stake, it is hard for entrepreneurs to make a smart decision without overthinking the problem. Indecisiveness in the face such a momentous crisis will only lead to more problems. It is essential to break down the things to do into smaller steps and prioritize them according to their urgency to overcome this analysis paralysis.

Keeping up with legislation

With the ever-changing nature of this pandemic, it might seem like the government is enacting new rules and regulations every day. These rules affect business owners and play a significant part in how they need to run their business. Keep in touch with news coming from the local, state, and federal government daily to follow and understand the new regulations. Ensuring that the info you get is from an official source can save you a lot of trouble.

Finding balance

In times of crisis like these, everyone feels a bit more stressed. The feeling of anxiety and hopelessness can interfere with the ability to work correctly. The business owners not only have to worry about themselves; they also have to take care of their employees, which makes their job even more stressful. It is crucial to find a balance between work and personal life. Overextending yourself will only result in exhaustion. Remember, not everything is under anyone’s control, so it is essential to take breaks and invest that time on self-care. 

Dealing with excess information

So much information is available about COVID-19 that sometimes it becomes hard to keep up. While access to the latest news is vital, it can sometimes feel like a burden. With a surplus of information, it is hard to filter out the misinformation. It is necessary to relax and take a look at the conflicting information and fact-check it from a reliable source to better understand it.

Challenges to individuals

Students and teachers

It seems like the entire education system has moved online overnight. The move was quick and without much preparation, which leaves many wondering how to continue their studies. The move does not only bring confusion for students, but teachers also find it difficult to teach online without proper training. Both students and teachers face internet connectivity issues. When there is a good connection, it is challenging to keep the students focused on their studies and away from other social media. Also, several students do not have access to a computer or a stable internet connection, making it difficult for them to attend online classes.

People with medical issues

It is a dangerous time for people who have any medical condition. These immunocompromised people are at heightened risk of contracting and facing severe effects of this disease. People with diseases like type II diabetes, respiratory illness, breathing problems, need to be extra cautious. They should not leave their house unnecessarily. And if they do need to go out, wearing a mask is vital for their safety. 

Daily wage earners

The past few months are a terrifying period in the life of these people. The lockdown guidelines set in place by various authorities meant that they were not able to work. These are the people who have the lowest amount of savings and relay on their paycheck for meeting expenses. This section of society might be the hardest hit, both in terms of health and finances. Not only These people are facing the possibility of getting COVID-19, but there is also a looming threat of financial ruin. Usually, people who work for daily wages do not own a house. The rent is cumulating, and there is no end in sight for this crisis. These people have no idea how they will pay their bills and keep a roof on their heads.

Last words

Experts don’t have a clue about when this pandemic is going to end. With so much speculation about the future, it is crucial to get the latest information. Being aware of what’s going on around you and following the authorities’ guidelines are the only ways to overcome this crisis.

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