Black Friday 2020: Deals and Sales

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is an exclusive United States holiday dedicated to shopping. This day falls on the last Friday of November, the very next day of Thanksgiving. In 2020, Black Friday will fall on November 27th.

This day officially kicks off the long annual holiday season in the United States. A season in which people visit their family and old friends, spend time together, eat together on Thanksgiving and Christmas, and finally blast the holiday season off with a fantastic new year’s eve party.

It is a time of joy and merry-making; people give presents to each other and buy new things for themselves, and this is where the significance of Black Friday is. On the day following Thanksgiving, retailers across the country provide various deals on different products. The discounts and offers entice people to flock to the stores, not in hundreds, in the crowds of thousands.

Black Friday is among the busiest days for retailers across the country. For businesses such as toy and game stores, the holiday season, and by extension, Black Friday is the time when they make most of their money.

Black Friday Deals

Retailers offer the best deals on Black Friday; many people hold off their purchases just for the fantastic offers they can get come Black Friday. Whether it is a giant like Walmart or Amazon, or your local mom and pop’s stores, every business will be providing some deal, offer, or discount on this day.

You can scan the internet now and then before Balck Friday to stay up-to-date about the most beneficial deals you can get. There are plenty of dedicated websites engaging in collecting and publishing the best deals available around the internet, not only on Black Friday but also throughout the holiday season.

You can find deals on all sorts of products. Electronics, furniture, apparel, lifestyle, you name it, and you can get a discount on it somewhere. Often, these offer aggregating websites publish information about the offers and sales before the actual retailers. They acquire this information from the insiders who leak these ads. Sometimes businesses deliberately let the info out about a significant discount to inform the customers early and give them time to decide.

How did Black Friday begin?

Black Friday originated in the US and evolved along with Thanksgiving traditions. The day gained popularity because many people consider Thanksgiving as the official beginning of the annual holiday season and start preparing for Christmas from the day after Thanksgiving.

It becomes enticing to shop for the holidays after Thanksgiving day, once the government set the event’s official date. Typically colleges, schools, and universities give students extended weekends off during Thanksgiving week. Many government and private businesses give extended weekends to their employees, which encourages them to spend time with family and go shopping the day after Thanksgiving.

The tradition of shopping for the upcoming holiday season the day after Thanksgiving became so ingrained in the culture that retailers worldwide started offering lucrative discounts for attracting people to their stores. Not long after, the practice of providing deals and discounts becomes familiar, and the Day after Thanksgiving becomes – what we call Black Friday.

The tradition of Black Friday is continually evolving, as evident by the fact that it is no longer just a single day of the year where retailers entice shoppers to buy more. The practice of sales and special discounts is spreading to the whole Thanksgiving weekend and well into the next week with new shopping days such as “Cyber Monday”.

How will Black Friday 2020 be different?

Many retailers are releasing deals in the days leading up to Black Friday rather than waiting until the coveted day, and this trend will continue this year. Black Friday 2020 will also be much different due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation. This day is infamous for large gatherings and crowds of people willing to trample others to get in early in the stores – the things that we all trying to avoid in the current situation.

This year, the emphasis will be on the Black Friday offers’ online aspect, as people will try to get the best deals from their homes’ safety. While many people are willing to go shopping in person, the retailers who offer better discounts online will be the ones making the most profit. Many stores expecting the people to show up for shopping have implemented guidelines around the number of people allowed simultaneously and touching the items on display.

Due to these restrictions and obvious health concerns, many people will choose the online mode to shop this holiday season. The online sales will also mean a continuous flow of offers starting from a week or so before Thanksgiving and ending with November. Many businesses are willing to run the whole month of discounts and offers, proclaiming it the “Black November.”

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